To use the Payment Rails PayPal integration, you need to have your own PayPal account.

Do you do screen PayPal payouts?

PayPal has their own AML screening and we only facilitate PayPal payments but do not perform background checks on those accounts.

Do you verify PayPal email addresses?

We do not verify any PayPal email accounts to check if they belong to incorrect recipient.

What happens when someone enters an email address not registered with PayPal?

If the email entered that is not associated with a PayPal account, PayPal emails that address an invites them to create a PayPal account to receive their money.

PayPal also operates it's on AML / CTF program, which includes ID verification, among other checks, during their onboarding process.

Can we fund PayPal account via Payment Rails?

You will still need to fund your PayPal balance through the usual methods allowed by PayPal.

Is there a fee for PayPal transaction on Payment Rails?
No, we do not charge for any payments made via PayPal, however PayPal has its out fees for transactions that might apply.

My recipients PayPal payment failed?

Please contact PayPal for failed payments. We are not affiliated with PayPal. As such, you're going to have to log into your PayPal account to figure out what happened with these payments. PayPal only informs us that the payment was returned, but not why. PayPal has several different options to contact their support, including email and telephone support. You may find that on their website.

How do I move funds from a PayPal balance to either my CAD or USD balance?

You cannot transfer in between your PayPal and other balances. When you fund your PayPal balance you can only make payouts to PayPal accounts.

Is there any way we can add a PayPal source to our test Payment Rails account? I see the USD and CAD account but no way to add PayPal.

If you hook up a PayPal Sandbox account you'll get a PayPal source currency.

You can create a PayPal Sandbox account here:

We've enabled PayPal as a payout method in our live environment. I'm wondering if we repeat the same process to the sandbox environment as well?

You should have Sandbox credentials for PayPal which are different from live mode. You should be able to find these in your PayPal account.

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