You can automatically send email notifications to your recipients, completely branded as your own emails.

Step 1

The first thing you'll need to do is set up your Branding. Go to Settings > White Label then Branding.

Business Name: Enter the name of your business

Business Url: This will be the main address to your website which will display on the emails.

Brand Colour: Customize your emails with your brand colours. Simply choose the appropriate HEX code.

Icon (optional): You can also include your company's logo. 

Step 2

Then, on the Emails tab, configure the emails settings.

Sending Email: The email that will display showing where the email was sent from (Note: It is important that the email is a subdomain so that it does not conflict with any existing email.)

Support Email: You can also display your contact email should your recipients need any support.

Displayed Address: You can also decide if you would like to display the company's business address.

Displayed Country: Add the post code and country

Step 3

Finally, select the emails you want to send from the 3 options by enabling them. You can also send yourself a test payments to see what your recipients will receive.

The options are:

  • Payment confirmation emails - will automatically send an email when payments are processed
  • Returned payment notification emails - will automatically send an email to the recipient notifying them to log in and update their account information
  • Request payout method from incomplete recipients - send an email to your recipients asking them to log in and update their payment details.

We also support CNAME DNS mapping, meaning that emails will be sent as if they come form your own company email domain, for a truly white-label experience.

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