Recipient Status

Active: An Active recipient is able to receive a payment.

Incomplete: An Incomplete recipient does not yet have the minimum required profile information to receive a payment (payout method, address)

Inactive: No payments sent in over 12 months or disabled by team member

Disabled: Temporarily disable a recipient so they cannot be sent a payment.

Archived: used to classify recipients that are deleted.

Suspended: used for flagging fraudulent or bad recipients.

Payment Status

Pending: a payment is Pending when it is created inside a batch.

Failed: a payment failed if after an attempt to process it fails for any reason, such as a technical issue.

Processed: automatically updated to Processed after it is attempted to be processed, and is successful.

Returned: automatically updated to Returned if it was successfully Processed, but was returned as not deliverable at a later time.

Processing: becomes processing once a user attempts to process a payment.

Batch Status

Open: status of Open when it is first created.

Awaiting_approval: when a batch needs to be approved by someone with higher limits.

Accepted: A batch is moved to Accepted status when it involves at least two currencies and a currency conversion needs to take place.

Complete: when one or more payments in a batch has been successfully processed.

Failed: All payments in the batch have failed to be processed.

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