If you have our tax feature enabled on your account, you can configure it to gather the information you require from your recipients.

Please note, we are not authorized to provide tax advice. We recommend speaking with a tax professional to determine the best settings for your account.

First, go to Settings, then Tax Compliance

Here you can select which Tax form(s) you will require, set the income type, as well as indicate how you want to handle Tax form approvals and rules when issuing payments to recipients.

Form Types
W-9: form required by individuals and entities of US citizenship.
W-8BEN: form required by individuals of international citizenship.
W-8BEN-E: form required by international entities.

Step 1

Enter a support email your recipients can use if they need assistance filling out the form.

Step 2

Specify the forms you would like to collect. There are are 2 options:

W-9, W-8BEN and W-8BEN-E Forms: Select this option if you have both US and international recipients. When filling out their information on the widget or portal, recipients will be asked to select the appropriate form for their circumstance.

W-9 Forms (US Only): Select this option if all your recipients have US citizenship. The W-9 form will appear automatically.

Step 3

Select whether or not you would like to manually approve each submitted tax form before any withholding is applied, or have forms approved automatically and withholding applied once submitted.

Step 4

This step allows you to select how you would like to manage recipients without a tax form. The options are:

Block: Any recipient without a tax form will not be able to receive payments. They will be displayed as incomplete.

Warn: You will receive a warning that a selected recipient does not have a tax form on file before the payment is submitted. You will then decide whether or not you wish to send the payment. (Note: recipients without a tax form will still appear as active. There will be no warning if the payment is sent through API)

Allow: Recipients without a tax form will still be able to receive payments.

Step 5

Finally, select the income type that best describes the purpose of the payment, either Royalties/Copyrights or Independent personal services.

*If you're paying non US persons or entities who are performing services solely outside the United States in all cases, you may be able to require these recipients to provide certification of no US activities prior to completing a W-8 form. Please contact support to enable this feature. 


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